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A transformational journey containing 13 one-on-one guided exploration sessions to make friends with your sensual ecstatic essence as a woman. To live your life connected to the sacred, divine, powerful instinctual wild part of you, and to fully embody this wild inner women and confidence. So you can live your everyday life from your inner temple outwardly.

When you fully embrace your wild authentic sexual expression, it will impact all areas of your life


You can learn to consciously open the inner portal to your sexual life force, and in doing so gain access to divine bliss and your uninhibited wild power. Your sexuality is the key essence of who you are and affects all areas of your life. All your relationships, grow from this root, especially the relationship with yourself.  If you want to live a more fulfilling life, you will have to look at your relationship with yourself


Having a deep connection established to your inner temple, your powerful feminine essence, your inner wildness, will bring confidence and strength that will extend into your everyday parts of your life. And with that it becomes easy to create and live the life of your dreams!


Many women are struggling with their confidence, their sexuality, their body image, their feelings and emotions, and their desires, you are not alone. I know this to be true from my own personal experience.

When you feel empowered & confident from that deep inner core of your being, you are able to create your chosen reality, able to say YES to your goals, desires and needs

I help women who feel numb, disconnected and shut down from their sexuality and their wild sensuous essence, to reconnect with their inner temple, their storehouse of feminine power, so they can experience pleasure, aliveness, and complete freedom in their body, sexuality and relationships.

It took me many years of traveling around the world, visiting many different cultures, receiving my Masters degree in Psychology and diving into a ton of different practices and techniques to discover pleasure was the key to liberation. Through these tools I had collected, I discovered that no matter how insanely bad my internal environment there is always a place for self-love and pleasure. How do I know this for sure? Because it's exactly what I went through.

I managed to jump the fence from feeling completely numb, disconnected and shut down in my sexuality, and feeling shut down in my confidence, my body and my desire for my partner, into thriving sexually, feeling confident, and feeling sexual desire for my partner like never before. On top of that I started to blossom in all other areas of my live too.

Saying yes to allowing my sexuality to thrive allowed me to thrive in all aspect of my life. I am now truly living my dreams and desires

How would you feel if you would be able to overcome numbness and disconnection from your sexuality, and flow freely towards embodying the wild sensuous woman in you and feeling sexy and free inside your own body?

I am offering the Awaken- Your-Wild-Sensuous-Woman-Program for a limited number of women. Why only for a limited number of women? Because in my 1-on-1 coaching, I want to fully  dedicate myself to you.

A session includes:

  • 60 – minute online session

  • Unlimited email support with me during your whole program

  • Personalized weekly practices for you to deeply integrate your weekly session and to embody your true sensual feminine flow

  • One super customized recorded guided meditation of all your program practices, combined into one easy to implement daily meditation to keep connected to your wildness and your feminine power essence (you receive this meditation at the very end of the program)

These sessions are specifically designed for you to:

  • Clarify your true dreams, desires and goals

  • Uncover hidden challenges and blind spots that could be sabotaging your success

  • Create next-step action plan

  • Feel inspired and reenergized about yourself, your life, you sexuality 

  • Experience deep level change and possibly lasting transformation

  • Feel worthy of experiencing deep sensual pleasure

  • Opening up in surrender with a partner

  • Moving through inhibitions that keep us from our natural sensuality

  • Bring awareness to layers of cultural and patriarchal conditioning on our sexuality

  • Addressing the weight of insecurity inside and out

  • Breaking through feeling sexually numb & disconnected

As you may have understood by now, Wild Sensuous Woman doesn’t mean,

a crazy-loose-without-control-screaming-woman.

When I talk about Wild Sensuous Woman I mean quite the opposite.

I am talking about that part of you that lives in your Inner Temple.

This very sacred, divine, powerful instinctual part of you. That which is deeply connected to your authentic sexual energy, and your sensual essence as a woman.


Living from a deep connection to your Inner Temple creates:

  • Inner Freedom

  • Ability to speak your truth

  • Feeling connected to your inner power

  • Embodied confidence

  • Feeling intimate and connected to yourself

  • Deep connection to your body


How would you feel if you would be able to overcome:

  • Feeling numb and disconnection from your sexuality

  • This ever-returning feeling of “I am not good enough”

  • Criticizing your body and how you look

  • Feeling sex as ‘ok’ at best & like 1 more thing on the to do list at worst

  • Needing constant validation, approval, appreciation from others

  • Feeling broken as a woman

  • The missing of pleasure and playfulness in your everyday life


We will be using a lot of different highly transformative tools and techniques, 

such as practical embodiment practices, talk-coaching, meditation, breath work, energy-psychology and positive psychology and ancient Tantric and Taoist practice. 

The tools I use are aimed for you to:

  • Connect to your body

  • Unleash your orgasmic potential

  • Live your dreams and desires

  • Fully embrace your sexual pleasure

  • Feeling intimate and connected to yourself

  • Feeling your sexual power as a woman

  • Living your everyday life from your Inner Temple


According to Pythagoras, the science of numbers was the basis for all things ‘13 is the most enigmatic of all numbers, as it is the number of transformation’.


Not only is it the number 13 the number of transformation. It is also the number of the Divine Sacred Feminine, the Goddess energy, unity and oneness


In ancient times of the 13 -moon calendar, the calendar that the Jewish and Muslim tradition still use it today for their religious holidays! Also, the average of 13 menstrual cycles a year, in music there is 13 notes, the image of the flower of life is composed of 13 systems that describe in detail every single aspect of our reality. According to Kabbalah, the Hebrew words for love (ahava), care (de’aga), and one/onesness (echad) all have the numerical value of 13.


Catholic church managed to place a lot of fear on the number 13 during the dark ages and the rise of Patriarchy in Church and Politics up to present day. We are her now to step back into our divine feminine power and to claim our wild ecstatic essence. Our life force power and sacred feminine energy as a natural woman and human being.


By making use of the power of 13 days, we step into transformation and connect with the Divine Feminine energy, and create new neural pathways for new daily routines, practices and mind sets to flourish

I do not offer single sessions by the hour, as I do not believe in a quick fix. True deep transformation comes from a level of commitment and a deep desire and longing for change and action steps to get there.


I wish for you and every other woman on this planet to experience vibrancy, aliveness, pleasure and joy in all aspects of your life. Starting with your sexuality as the key element that will affect all area's of your life.


Feeling as alive and sensual like you never before have felt. The confidence and strength you will experience from that will extend into your everyday parts of your life.

And with that it becomes easy to create and live the life of your dreams!

How have other woman before you experienced working with me?

Anna Talbot

Germany - Actress

Anna Talbot Germany - Actress


Marianne coached me for 2 months and it was amazing. She went really deep with me, helping me to bring up deep, unconscious stuff inside of me in our sessions and making me feel safe all the way. I loved how Marianne was able to hold me in every difficult situation that I went through in the coaching process. It was really good therapeutic work. I think I put a lot of pieces back in place. Marianne was always loving and full of heart and open. She is very skillful and loving at the same time. She has a variety of skills and is very intuitive and professional at the same time. 

I highly recommend Marianne for sexuality and  love coaching, but als to anyone who is seeking life coaching in general to get to a new place. At the end of our sessions, I had the courage to leave a job that I had been wanting to leave for a long time and I started a new chapter in my life. Thank you for your time, Marianne! 

Elisa Caltabiano Italie - Coach (

Italie - Coach (

Working with Marianne has helped me getting clear on what i truly desired in my relationship. Her ability of guiding me in listening to my body has taken me to new horizons of pleasure. 

She has calmly and professionally held space for me and I felt her on my side all the time, present and with no judgements the whole time. 

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