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Marianne van Katwijk, Unleash Your Wildness, Yoni Yoga, yoni magic

1-on-1 coaching is the best investment your can make in yourself, and one of the fastest way to transformation!


Do you know that you have a wild, sensuous energy stored inside of you– but instead you’re feeling tense, anxious and as if everything is frozen up inside.


Secretly, you are doubting yourself, questioning yourself and you think there is something wrong with you.


I will show you how to be wildly free in your body and sexuality, experience real pleasure and finally be the free, sensual and confident woman that you know is possible and you long to be!

Introducing you Marianne's 

Feminine Wholeness VIP

Premium Coaching Program

Do you:

  • Long for something different, for openness, playfulness, innocence, and melting into surrender – but instead your desire for sex is completely gone?

  • Feel frustrated that you can’t open up to the man you deeply love and feel attracted to?

  • Feel weird in your own body and want to feel juicy, pleasure-filled and playful ? But you can’t let go or can’t relax your body, because everything feels so tense and anxious inside?

  • Doubt yourself, question yourself or worry there is something wrong with you? 

  • Feel broken as a woman?

  • At best you feel that sex is just 'ok' or 1 more thing on the to-do-list, and at worst you are happy when it is over?

  • Feel afraid to say no if your partner wants sex because it would upset him - and then that would upset you - because it brings back that ever-returning feeling of ‘I am not good enough'?

  • Miss pleasure and playfulness in your everyday life?


  • Feel confident, powerful and sexy in your own body and sexuality

  • Allow yourself to melt open into surrender, relaxation and softness and experience inner freedom

  • Experience sacred sexual union with your partner while feeling super turned on

  • Feel connected to your inner power and the ability to speak your truth​

  • Feel safe to surrender your body to allow sensual luscious energy sensations to move through your body​

  • Connect to the divine through intimacy and love - and know the divine is within you inside your yoni (vulva, vagina, womb, ovaries. Yoni is also translated into portal into the divine creative life force energy)

  • Experience feeling whole, playful, complete, joyous and connected to yourself

What is included?

  • Pre-session assessment.

  • Bi-weekly sessions tailor to YOUR specific needs (via Zoom)

  • ​Mindset practices 

  • Guided sensual activation practices

  • Jade-egg healing tool guidance

  • Glass dildo cervical activation meditations

  • Homeplay practices to do with your partner

  • Access to my uniquely developed Yoni Yoga Sequence

  • A gorgeous yummie sensual gift box that I will send out to your home

How the Feminine Wholeness VIP premium program works

These sessions are specifically designed for you to:


  • Clarify your true dreams, desires and goals

  • Uncover hidden challenges and blind spots that could be sabotaging your success

  • Create next-step action plan

  • Feel inspired and reenergized about yourself, your life, you sexuality 

  • Experience deep level change and possibly lasting transformation

  • Feel worthy of experiencing deep sensual pleasure

  • Opening up in surrender with a partner​


  • Moving through inhibitions that keep us from our natural sensuality

  • Bring awareness to layers of cultural and patriarchal conditioning on our sexuality

  • Addressing the weight of insecurity inside and out

  • Breaking through feeling sexually numb & disconnected


The tools I use are aimed for you to:

  • Connect to your body

  • Unleash your orgasmic potential

  • Live your dreams and desires

  • Fully embrace your sexual pleasure

  • Feeling intimate and connected to yourself, your partner and life

  • Feeling your sexual power as a woman

  • Living your everyday life from your Inner Temple

  • Letting your sexual energy be your super power

  • Feeling fully filled up from within and letting that spill out over into every area of your life

  • Re-igniting your passion and playful sensual pleasure with your partner

  • Deeply love every part of who you are


  • Customized weekly home-practice. To integrate what we transform during a session and give your brain the needed repitition to create new positive neural pathways

  • 24/7 email support. So you can always ask questions or reach out when you need support. (I will usually respond within 24 hours)

  • Three super coustomized recorded guided mediation to bring deep transformation and connection to your sensual confidence and your feminine powers – for you to keep forever!​

  • Unlimited Voxer support.

Goddess Meditaiton.jpg

Excited to unleash your bliss and to bring pleasure and turn-on into every part of your life?

Take the step today into your

journey to Feminine Wholeness

Book your free – no obligation – 30 minute call with Marianne now!

Your Investment

Ontwerp zonder titel-21.jpg

Single Investment

€1925 for 3 months


€3200 for 5 months

Ontwerp zonder titel-18.jpg

In 5 Monthly Instalments




I would love to work with you, but....

The investment is to much for me.

How much do you want to embody your empowered feminine? How badly do you want to embrace your bad-ass-next-level-self and stop living from your good-girl-conditioning? 

When you really want something bad enough, you will always find a way. Of course it IS a big investment, and what you will receive in return is priceless. That's why I don't call it a price or payment, but an INVESTMENT It is an investement to UPLEVEL your mindset, energy and life! Taking the step into your bigness, your boldness, your bad-assness. Letting yourself know that you are WORTH it. Following your inspiration, your desire, your dreams and acknowledging your fears and worries, but taking the next step nonetheless. 

All the women that have gone before you have experienced that taking this step is scary AF, but they took the step anyway and it let them to embodying the women they truly desired to be and it changed their life and relationships in ways they could never have predicted! This is powerful AF!!!

What if it doesn't work for me?

You are the only person that can stop you. You are the only one who can decide it is time. When you really choose to go for it, that's when true deep long lasting transformation WILL become YOUR reality! You are THAT powerful! Women are that powerful!

Sometimes it is easier to keep yourself small, to stay in the old self or the painful environment. It is your familiar space. It is what you know, which makes it feel safe. Even if in truth it is no longer serving you, or keeping you small. But do you really want to stay where you are at now? Or do you deeply desire to live from your bigness, boldness, bad-as-next-level-self?! The choice is yours...

I first need to discuss and ask permission from my partner.

It is super important to talk to your partner about your desires, and to tell him/her about the journey that you desire to invest in. And how amazing would it be when you get the support and ecouragement to do this for YOU. But this journey is an INVESTMENT in YOURSELF. It is EXCITING AF to choose you. To say YES fully to yourself and your soul, no matter what the option of your partner will be. In truth it is about you investing in YOUR HAPPINESS. You being happy with yourself. You feeling good within your own body. You feeling empowered as a woman. You KNOWING you are worthy to invest in YOU for YOU!!

The amazing thing is that when you decide to choose for you, EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE will positively transform too. 

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