The Jade Egg practice strengthens the pelvic floor, activates sexual energy, articulates the vagina, and opens portals of endless dimensions of orgasm.

The Jade Egg is a practice that was cultivated in ancient China by women for women.


In these practices the Jade Egg is placed inside the vagina and moved in such a way that it massages the vaginal-reflexology zones of the vital organs. Working with the egg creates pelvic and vaginal health, strengthens the muscles, brings vitality and helps to cultivate energy.



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Jade Egg Essentials

is a 3-hour workshop where you will learn the ins and outs about the Jade Egg.


You will learn: 
- How to clean and take care of your Jade Egg
- How to insert your Jade Egg and take it out 
- How to effectively use the Jade Egg 
- In depth anatomical Yoni knowledge  
- A step by step Basic Jade Egg practice 

After this workshop, you might experience: 
- Deeper love for your body 
- Feel more confidence 
- More energy, vitality and creativity

- Deep healing 


Jade Eggs 

I advice to work only with Nephrite Jade, because of the quality of the stone.


There are many different Yoni-eggs on the market, but many of these gorgeous stones are better not used internally, even though they are sold for that purpose. Many of these yoni-eggs are soft and porous and can easily break. Real jade (which is Nephrite) is a very hard solid stone. There are many more qualities to Nephrite Jade which I will explain in the Jade Egg workshop and program.

Real jade is very scares, and more expensive because if it's scarcity. It is hard to find real Nephrite Jade eggs. 


If you want to purchase a high quality Jade Egg from me, please send an email for inquiry to:

Jade Egg Intensive 

An intensive training where you will learn deeper levels of working on both a spiritual level as well as on a practical level with the Jade Egg.

You will learn:

-How to use the egg for cultivating high levels of energy

-How to strengthen your pelvic floor on a deep activating level

-How to how to use your sexual energy for enhancing better health, joy and abundance in life

-Step by step practical practices

-Steps to turn your Jade Egg practice into a spiritual practice

After this intensive training, you might experience:

- High level of deep embodied self-love

- More energy, vitality and creativity

- Deep confidence 

- Connection to your pure essence and wild sensuous self

- Connect to your own spiritual and intentional power

I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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Jade Egg Private Coaching Sessions

These one-on-one coaching sessions are for women who want to receive coaching on a sex, love and/or relationship topic and receive guidance and customized jade egg practices along side the coaching sessions to optimize their journey to get to their desired results.

The private coaching session will help to deepen your inner transformation work so lasting change on a deep level can happen. The jade egg practices are working through stimulating different nerve ending inside the vaginal canal and with that stimulating different parts of the brain. It works on deep levels of the limbic and primal brain, where our conditionings, emotions, trauma's and unconscious patterns are stored. Therefore the jade egg works on very deep unconscious levels  so healing and transformation reach a deeper level.

How have other women experienced Jade-Egg workshops and Jade-Egg Coaching with me:

Deniz Balkan


After attending the Jade Egg Essentials Workshop I realized that my orgasm got longer! That's the first thing I noticed. Second of all I can tell you that I had a vaginal orgasm for the first time in my life!! :))

There is also another "feeling good" part. Since the day I started practicing with the Jade Egg I'm feeling much more serene and strong inside (morally and everything) it is like discovering and starting to use a semi-forgotten part of my power, of my own body. I feel more whole. I feel more fulfilled 

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