6-Week Yoni Magic Mastery Program



  • Wish you would feel at home in your body and at home in your life – but all you experience is a feeling of being frozen?

  • Experience problems in your relationship and think there is something wrong with you?

  • Struggle with your sex-life and your sexuality – pain, no desire, experiencing your whole body tensing up already just by the approach of your partner?

  • Feel like you know you are a divine powerful energetic being – but you have no idea how to connect to it?

  • Desire sex- but keep avoiding it cause you don’t want to experience the pain, frustration, sadness and feeling broken as a result of it?

I can show you how to not just feel good enough but to feel f*%king amazing - and live from a playful joyous place that gives you pleasure and freedom in life! Feeling yourself a powerful magnetic super confident sexy goddess warrior woman.

All through learning the ancient Jade-Egg practice.

Introducing you Marianne's
6-Week Online Jade-egg Program



Jade egg was a secret practice only known to the Empress of China and her concubines. It is a sacred ancient energetic practice created by women, for women, to increase sexual desire, create confidence, playfulness, aliveness and connection in your body and creates an overal sense of wellbeing and freedom. 

I will show you how to experience a genuine connection to your body, and feel your inner strength, confidence and worthiness – in a way that feels easy and actually FUN. Very soon, you’ll feel free in your body and life – whether that means being able to melt open into relaxation and surrender and really fully enjoy sexual intimacy with your partner or experiencing joy, playfulness and aliveness in your every day life.

Imagine if you could…

  • Heal your insecurity

  • Shift your focus from being sad, angry, raging, depressed, scared and insecure to being a powerful magnetic super confident wild sexy goddess warrior woman

  • Live from a place where you feel an everyday connection to the divine, so you don’t need to constantly suffer or think you need to be fixed

  • Accept yourself as you are, and accept your own body as it is and truly love yourself

  • Experience pain free sexual connection – enjoying luscious juicy pleasurable fun and a fulfilling sex life

How the online 6 week

Yoni Magic 


program works

The program will be taking place online. The first week you will have access to the Bonus Jade-egg eBook, the introduction video for week 1 (30 minutes) and a 1 hour Jade-egg practice video, and several bonus video's with more information.

In the introduction and practice video I will explain and introduce the practice of the week and I will guide you through a practice. These in total 90-minute video introductions and practices are being released week by week, once a week. (6 introduction video's in total and 6 practice video's in total)

As an extra super bonus: Special Yoni Magic School  Voxer group

  • A great space to connect with your fellow Yoni Magic School members

  • Share celebrations

  • Ask questions when it feels best for you

  • Share experiences together


Everything we do in the Yoni Power Program is customized to help you step into your powerful, magnetic, super confident self.

What does the program look like week by week


Basic Jade-egg & Pleasure Practice

Lay the foundation for all the weeks to come. A good start is half the transformation. This week is all about getting to know how to use the egg, and to create a basic routine you can come back to any time!


Healing & De-armoring Practice

These gentle yet powerful practices will help you clear, integrate and heal anything that keeps us from connecting to our sexual power. Emotions, fears, trauma, conditioning, past lovers, candida, etc.


Yoni Power & Yoni Nidra Practice 

Your Yoni is your body's power center. By actively training your vaginal muscles, through jade-egg-weightlifting you create muscles strength, tone your vagina, create blood circulation which brings vitality. Yoni Nidra will teach you how to deeply relax your Yoni.


Wild Woman & Womb Release Practice

This week we dive deeply into the power of your yoni, and its connection to your wild primal self. We will also focus on getting you in touch with the amazing sensations and the power of our cervix and womb.


Sex Magic & Great Goddess Practice

Your sexual energy is your divine creative life force energy. By learning how to focus this energy you can transmute this super power into action. You will learn the art of invocation to create a deep connection with the great Goddess within you.


Energy Orgasm & Sensual Confidence Practice

This last week you will focus on mastering the art of filling yourself up from the inside out with orgasmic energy, so you will be able to walk through your life feeling confident, sexy, whole, powerful and free!


  • Six 15 minute downloadable Jade-Egg meditation practices, that you can listen to whenever you want, and that you get to keep forever!


  • A Jade-Egg Instruction eBook, containing all the things you need to know about the Jade-Egg, as well as written basic practices

  • 24/7 Voxer (similar to WhatsApp) support for any questions – I usually respond back within 36 hours.

The Results?

  • Feel really alive and confident in your whole body and in your own abilities and worthiness

  • Restore your connection to the Divine

  • Remove your stuck emotions, blocks, traumas and experience deep connected sensual erotic intimacy!

  • Experience your playful joyous essence that gives you pleasure in life

  • Feel sexy, sensual and powerfully confident in your sex life, relationship, and everyday life

  • Live your dreams and desires

  • Experience a true intimate connection to yourself, your partner and life

Ready to really step into your powerful magnetic super confident sexy self?


Yoni Magic Mastery Program

Full 6-week program



"After attending the Jade Egg Essentials Workshop I realized that my orgasm got longer! That's the first thing I noticed. Second of all I can tell you that I had a vaginal orgasm for the first time in my life!! :))

There is also another "feeling good" part. Since the day I started practicing with the Jade Egg I'm feeling much more serene and strong inside (morally and everything) it is like discovering and starting to use a semi-forgotten part of my power, of my own body. I feel more whole. I feel more fulfilled."

Deniz Balkan - Turkey

"I thought it was quite a scary thing to work with the jade-egg and on top of that, a group of women I don’t know. However, I knew Marianne from Yoni Yoga before and was curious to go deeper and trusted that she would provide a safe space to explore
I have learned to feel my body more and trust that feeling. Instead of losing myself in thoughts I noticed that my body has a voice too and I hear it now! I have accessed a power that I recognized and experienced before but didn’t always knew how to get to. That power and energy is in my womb space and it’s the gentlest and lovingly soft energy I’ve ever felt. I feel like I have a toolkit now, how I can access my power, connect with my womb, my heart and drop down into ME. And I really love it, ME!
That’s a wonderful revelation, and to be able to say that to myself and the world. Being in control of my own sexuality, pleasure and healing is an act of empowerment.
Marianne is a wonderful teacher. She is gentle, focused and deeply devoted to waking up women to the power of their yoni and womb. I knew the methods she teaches before, from books and tried them on my own but it’s hard to let go on my own, and that is why being guided through the exercises of the jade egg is so beneficial. Providing a safe space is absolutely necessary to be able to let go and Marianne does just that, with a lot of love and encouragement.
My bodily awareness is much more developed, I notice it everywhere in my life. Which sometimes is hard because it seems like I can tolerate less pressure, stress or bullshit from other people. On the other hand, that is exactly the benefit of it too, that I am more aligned with my values and what I need and cannot pretend otherwise.
I would definitely recommend Marianne to all women, because I think women deserve to know about the magical powerhouse they have between their legs. Society doesn’t teach us about our female genitals, most women don’t even know their own anatomy and how to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. It is so wonderful to discover that there is so much pleasure and intimacy to be found within your own being! That is why I would recommend any woman who feels stressed, bored, drowsy, or just curious to start working on their relationship with their yoni and see what it means for them.
Marianne is patient and understanding in her guidance, but also tells you when to let go, dive in deeper and push through. And although she is there, her guidance is for you to experience your own journey, and it’s a unique individual one. So be courageous, willingly, patient and loving with yourself!
Keep on spreading the magic, Marianne!"

Froukje van der Velde – Netherlands - Cultural anthropologist / Author / Musician 

“I did a series of Jade Egg coaching sessions with Marianne and absolutely loved it – looked forward to our sessions every week! She holds a calm and tender space fort his practice, which at time scan go very deep. I always felt safe and loved in her presence. It felt like such a luxury to be guided through a Jade egg practice with Marianne, like my feminine really had an opportunity to be nourished and it gave me a really good sense of what is possible with the Jade egg when it is used as a tool for sexual meditation practice I’m not really good at keeping up with a weekly practice, so the sessions were such a great check-in point for me to stay committed and build up my own rhythm. I now experience a much richer sense of orgasm, in ways that I haven’t experienced before, as well as a renewed sense of sacredness of sexuality.”
Marilou Snyders - South Africa

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