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By Marianne van Katwijk

What is it?

This online 3-month "Live a Turned-on Life" Program is a group space where women from all corners of the world are meeting together in the same pain and the same desire. 

The space I am holding and the content I will be delivering will all be focused on stepping out of and transforming the physical and emotional pain in your yoni. Transform the numbness, frozen feelings and disconnection you experience in your sexuality and life. And instead start choosing, being and experiencing sensual confidence, aliveness, peace, stillness, softness, power, pleasure, and ultimately what I call the Cosmic Orgasmic Vibration of the Divine.

For whom is it?


This program is for you if you are done suffering, if you no longer want to be living in physical and emotional pain, frustration, numbness, disconnection, or lack of desire.


This program is for you if you are ready to do the work, to create space and time to fully get to know yourself, your own body, get to know your divinity and sacred sensual sexual life force energy, communicate with your soul and feel the creative sensual sexual life force energy floating through every single cell in your body.

This program is for you if you feel the call to return to the Temple!

What will you get?


You will get weekly live Q&A-coaching calls done by me (Marianne). I will share practices, rituals, meditations and more. I will be guided by the Divine Movement to deliver whatever practices and information the energy of the group will be needing.


This program is also a great way to receive the blessing of sacred sisterhood. We will work in communion with the online sacred sisterhood space. It is a powerful energetic container that we all hold together, so that transformation will happen on a deep gentle yet powerful energetic level. We come together in this online space to connect, share, celebrate, brag, uplift, and hold space for one and other. Being witnessed in your process is hugely powerful and will add to the integration of all the processes and transformation you will go through to return to the Temple and receive the transmission of the Divine Movement within so we all can experience living a turned-on life.


There will be a separate platform where you will have access to the full 3-month program (where you can find the recordins of the live sessions). The bonus-practicus will be released week by week, so you have at least one practice to play with each week. These practices include:

  • self-love and body connection practices, 

  • de-armoring and healing practices, 

  • unleashing your sensual sexual-self practices, 

  • intimacy building practices you can do together with your or a partner, 

  • sacred sex practices, 

  • healing and de-armoring practices, 

  • practices to unleash the wild woman within you, 

  • practices to tap into your yoni power, sex magic, connecting to the great Goddess,

  • learning about energy Orgasm 

Why would you want to do it?

If you feel your body and soul shouting YES!! I want to live a turned-on life! Than it is TIME!

You might feel resistance too, even fear, or thoughts creeping in telling you; “this is not for me, or it won’t work on me any way”. Maybe you have seen doctors, psychologist, psycho-therapists and still feel pain inside your vagina, numbness or a dulness in life. I tell you all the clients I have personally worked with in the past have been able to become pain free! YES!! YES!! YES!!


Your body is made to feel pleasure, and it’s your birthright to experience living a turned-on life. Feeling free in your body, feeling deeply connected to your soul and the Divine. In the past women were leading the Temple, women were worshipped, because we are the creators of life, we carry within our body the Cosmic Orgasmic Vibration of the Universe! 


NOW is the time we get to return to the Temple… and the Temple is YOU!

You are the chalice, the holy grail, that can hold the pleasure for the whole of the earth. You are the door, the gate way between worlds, that can bring Divinity and harmony in this world. How? By allowing yourself to feel, to breathe deeply, to release the pain we collectively carry as women, to choose different, to choose pleasure, to choose turn-on, and standing firmly grounded in your formidableness as a woman!


Full embodied sensual confidence. Knowing sexual bliss and ecstasy. Breathing divinity and moving in pleasure. You can have all of it and more! Because this journey is endless… there is always room for more pleasure, more Divinity, more peace and calmness, more embodied turn-on. Allow yourself the pleasure of fully being and embodying YOU!

What do we do?

We will meet up weekly online for a live practice and Q&A session. I will share practices, meditations and/or rituals. I will answer all of your questions. We will create a space of uplifting energy, so you will feel carried by me and the other women in the group. A safe space where everyone is welcome and everyone is equal, no matter where you are on your journey.


Some women might already feel loads of pleasure and turn-on, which can be an invitation for the women who feel less or no turn-on, for you to know that the very same is possible for you. No need to compare in the old-paradigm-way. Instead it is about allowing the energy of your sisters to help you climb to the same height.


The pre-recordes bonus-practices you will do on your own in your own privacy. However you are invited to come to the sacred group space to share your experiences, ask questions and celebrate breakthrough’s.


We are building sacred sisterhood community together. If you show up you give other sisters permission to show up too! I have seen how this coming together in sacred space creates sisterbonds for life! And can even expand into offline friendships.

My back story

I grew up in a small city in the North of The Netherlands until the age of 19. I then left to travel the world and did so for more than 7 years. I went to all the continents and soaked up all the different religions and sacred practices from around the world.


I have received multiple spontaneous Shamanic initiations as a child and adult. These initiations unleashed a natural shamanic power within me. A divine channel of source energy. The energy of God(dess)/source/mother nature works through me. This deep energy and intuition shows up in my sessions so that I fully connect to what each of my client’s needs is.


I not only know how to guide you to where you want to be, but I also have lived through the same pain as you. I have suffered an episiotomy when giving birth to my son, it took me from being a sexual active being, into a frozen, disconnected, numb, frustrated, angry depressed and tired woman. Up to the point where I so deeply felt… "This… no more! It’s enough! I want to feel free, alive, joyful, playful and turned on again! And I am going to do whatever it takes to get back there!"


And I did!

Not only did I get back there, I actually got to a place where I feel even more bliss, turn-on and pleasure then I have ever felt in my life before! 

I got to experience how living a free and turned on life is key to feeling empowered, confident and be connected to the Divine. And how my turn-on is actually powerfully influencing every area of my life. 


Whenever I feel turned on and filled up with pleasure, my business blossoms, I earn more, my relationship is thriving and my connection to my little boy is vibrantly joyous. Literally life is thriving when I am living from my turn on! 


And I want to share that with you!

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