Yoni Magic Sensual Confidence VIP Program

1-on-1 coaching is the best investment your can make in yourself, and one of the fastest way to transformation!

Do you know that you have a wild, sensuous energy stored inside of you– but instead you’re feeling tense, anxious and as if everything is frozen up inside. Secretly, you are doubting yourself, questioning yourself and you think there is something wrong with you.


I will show you how to be wildly free in your body and sexuality, experience real pleasure and finally be the wild, sensual and confident woman that you know is possible.

Introducing you Marianne's 

Yoni Power Sensual Confidence VIP

Premium Coaching Program

Do you:

  • Long for something different, for openness, playfulness, innocence, and melting into surrender – but instead your desire for sex is completely gone?

  • Feel frustrated that you can’t open up to the man you deeply love and feel attracted to?

  • Feel weird in your own body and want to feel juicy, pleasure-filled and playful ? But you can’t let go or can’t relax your body, because everything feels so tense and anxious inside?

  • Doubt yourself, question yourself or worry there is something wrong with you?

  • Feel broken as a woman?

  • At best you feel that sex is just 'ok' or 1 more thing on the to-do-list, and at worst you are happy when it is over?

  • Feel afraid to say no if your partner wants sex because it would upset him - and then that would upset you - because it brings back that ever-returning feeling of ‘I am not good enough'?

  • Miss pleasure and playfulness in your everyday life?

I will show you how to unleash your wild sensuous confidence – in a way that is super easy and actually FUN. So that you can start to enjoy your own body, feel sensuous sensations, experience ecstasy and pleasure, feel fully confident in your own body, and enjoy a vibrant and alive sexuality.

Imagine if you could…

  • Feel confident, powerful and sexy in your own body and sexuality

  • Allow yourself to melt open into surrender, relaxation and softness and experience inner freedom

  • Experience sacred sexual union with your partner while feeling super turned on

  • Feel connected to your inner power and the ability to speak your truth

  • Feel safe to surrender your body to allow sensual luscious energy sensations to move through your body

  • Connect to the divine through intimacy and love - and know the divine is within you inside your yoni (vulva, vagina, womb, ovaries. Yoni is also translated into portal into the divine creative life force energy)

  • Experience feeling whole, playful, complete, joyous and connected to yourself

How my

Yoni Magic Sensual Confidence VIP 

premium program works

We’ll start with a pre-session assessment. This will help me discover exactly how you feel about your sexuality and your sex-life and what you have been struggling with - so I can tailor our session to YOUR specific needs.

Then we’ll jump on the phone or zoom (it’s like Skype, but better!) for 60 minutes, every week for 5 months.

These sessions are specifically designed for you to:


  • Clarify your true dreams, desires and goals

  • Uncover hidden challenges and blind spots that could be sabotaging your success

  • Create next-step action plan

  • Feel inspired and reenergized about yourself, your life, you sexuality 

  • Experience deep level change and possibly lasting transformation

  • Feel worthy of experiencing deep sensual pleasure

  • Opening up in surrender with a partner​


  • Moving through inhibitions that keep us from our natural sensuality

  • Bring awareness to layers of cultural and patriarchal conditioning on our sexuality

  • Addressing the weight of insecurity inside and out

  • Breaking through feeling sexually numb & disconnected

We will be using a lot of different highly transformative tools and techniques, such as practical embodiment practices, talk-coaching, meditation, breath work, energy-psychology and positive psychology and ancient Tantric and Taoist practice. 


The tools I use are aimed for you to:

  • Connect to your body

  • Unleash your orgasmic potential

  • Live your dreams and desires

  • Fully embrace your sexual pleasure

  • Feeling intimate and connected to yourself, your partner and life

  • Feeling your sexual power as a woman

  • Living your everyday life from your Inner Temple


  • Customized weekly home-practice. To integrate what we transform during a session and give your brain the needed repitition to create  new positive neural pathways

  • 24/7 email support. So you are can always ask questions or reach out when you need support. (I will usually respond within 36 hours)

  • Three super coustomized recorded guided mediation to bring deep transformation and connection to your sensual confidence and your feminine powers – for you to keep forever!

  • Unlimited Voxer support.

Excited to unleash your bliss and to bring pleasure and turn-on into your life?

Book your free – no obligation – 30 minute call with Marianne now!


Elisa Calatabiano - Italie 

Coach (viviaccesa.com)

Working with Marianne has helped me getting clear on what i truly desired in my relationship. Her ability of guiding me in listening to my body has taken me to new horizons of pleasure. 

She has calmly and professionally held space for me and I felt her on my side all the time, present and with no judgements the whole time. 

Anna Talbot - Germany



Marianne coached me for 2 months and it was amazing. She went really deep with me, helping me to bring up deep, unconscious stuff inside of me in our sessions and making me feel safe all the way. I loved how Marianne was able to hold me in every difficult situation that I went through in the coaching process. It was really good therapeutic work. I think I put a lot of pieces back in place. Marianne has a variety of skills and is very loving, intuitive and professional at the same time. 

I highly recommend Marianne for sexuality and  love coaching, but als to anyone who is seeking life coaching in general to get to a new place. Thank you for your time, Marianne! 

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