Unleash Your Wildness

13 days to experience freedom, aliveness, desire, in your body and life.

Discover your inner radiance and aliveness in my FREE unique 13-day workshop to awaken your wild ecstatic essence

I am so excited to taking this journey with you to unleash your wildness.

How would you live your life if  you are able to allow into your mind the vision of living an orgasmic life. Of embodying your sensual nature.


Can you envision how owning your full feminine potential would effect all aspects of your life, your relationships, your career, your love-making, the choices you make,

the food you eat?  

It would turn all those aspects of your life into pleasurable and joyful experiences. You would be able to cope with every day life challenges from a place of flow, ease and unwavering confidence.

We all have a wild feminine fire inside of us.

If you’re someone who hasn’t experienced this wild feminine fire yet, what can you expect?

This 13-day unleash-your-wildness-workshop can assist you in:

  • Feeling worthy of experiencing deep sensual pleasure

  • Opening up in surrender with a partner

  • Moving through inhibitions that keep us from our natural sensuality

  • Bringing awareness of the layers of cultural and patriarchal conditioning on our sexuality

  • Addressing the weight of insecurity inside and out.

  • Breaking through feeling sexually numb & disconnected

  • Feeling deeply connected to your own body


I am offering you a workshop to ignite your inner wild woman and to connect to your inner temple, your storehouse of feminine power.


 Are you saying YES to the Unleash-Your-Wildness-Workshop:

13-days of easy to implement 5-minute practices that comes with beautiful complementary E-book containing all the

13-day 5-minute practices?


As an extra bonus, you get to be part of The Sacred Sisterhood Facebook Group. Where we support each other in the process of unleashing our wildness and to keep your 13-day practices alive. For 13-days you will receive a daily email with simple, practical but very effect 5 minute practices. These easy to implement 5-minute practices are specifically designed to unleash your wildness.

This inner temple I speak of is your feminine energy, your storehouse of turn-on, pleasure and radiance.

It is the place from where you can step into authentic confidence, joy and celebration. It is your inner place where you can connect to the love for yourself.  

Reclaiming your erotic power that is your life-source as a woman

  • It is possible for you to step into your full feminine potential and inner feminine-power.

  • live your every day life empowered and confident

  • experience joy and total self love on a daily basis

  • live an orgasmic, turned-on life filled with joy, freedom and pleasure.

Can you imagine for just a moment how you would feel, talk, walk, play and live your life if you would be able to embody your authentic sensuality and be connected to your inner temple of sexual power, your inner fire, your true feminine nature?

Are you ready to shine and #unleashyourwildness?


Sign up below and you will receive your beautiful unleash-your-wildness E-book and an email on the given day the workshop starts.


Thank you for joining the #unleashyourwildness sisterhood tribe.

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You might wonder why am I giving a way a FREE workshop. Well... I myself was searching for ways to help me wake up pleasure, desire, confidence and aliveness in my life. I literally have been traveling all over the world for many years to find ways to truly give me a deep lasting and authentic feelings of pleasure and confidence. My soul was longing to experience real confidence in all aspects of my life.  I wanted to feel deeply alive inside my own body and confident in my sexuality.  I want to share with all of you women out there that are suffering or searching right now, that I have been feeling the same. I want all of you to know that it is possible to feel deeply alive in your own body, and to experience sensual and sexual confidence. As you are reading this I know you are one of them. I also know that you are not broken, that you are perfectly fine as the woman that you are. All you need is some guidance and some simple yet powerful tools to tap into your own wild ecstatic fire. 


 Wake up to the amazing power, energy and aliveness that is hidden inside your female body

This workshop is a first very simple step to do so....

"I traveled all over the world to discover my mission lies in the path of pleasure. I discovered how the ancient Tantric and Taoist feminine practices combined with my background in Energy- and Social Psychology and Neuroscience had the power to change not only my sensuous sexual confidence but saved my romantic partnership with the love of my life as well. I am sharing with you some of my easy but powerful techniques to open up and embody your wild ecstatic fire! My happiness lies in guiding you to extent this fire into your every day aspect of your life.”  

Marianne van Katwijk, MA

Sexual Empowerment Coach, Jade Egg Expert and Founder and Developer of YoniYoga. 

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