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There are a number of ways I coach people, nationally and internationally as well as virtually and in person. You can attend the online YONI YOGA classes, or do the 6 weeks JADE-EGG TRAINING, or dive into the powerful OH MY...MAGIC! course. For couples I facilitate the playful TANTRIC TRANSFORMATION COACHING sessions, PLAYFUL PLEASURE for couples course and the RƎVO⅃UTIONARY RELATIONSHIPS vip coaching program.

 Feel free to browse this page and see what calls to you… I’d love to support you!


Do you need help but you don't want to go into relationship therapy, because you really don't feel like talking session after session about your problems?

Do you both long for deep connection, playfulness, and sincere love in your relationship? Do you feel everything is kind of frozen and numb or everything ends up in irritation, arguments and frustration?

How you feel in your relationship affects every other part of your life. When you experience a deep, strong, intimate connection with each other, from a place of trust, connection, safety and playfulness, it will influence all parts of your life in a positive way.​

You can choose from three truly unique programs, specially created for couples who want to go on a journey together to reset and transform their relationship:


This program, combined with personal couples coaching is one of its kind. It is truly Revolutionary!

It will not only help you both change from the inside out (pssst… little secret here; nobody can change somebody else. The only one you CAN change is yourself), but it will also better your communication, create deeper love connection, help bond in a deep and spiritual way and enhances your sex life!!

This program is both deep AND fun!

You will be handed the most effective, game-changing and revolutionary tools to create a completely new way of relating to each other emotionally, verbally, sexually and spiritually.

Both of you will receive 10 video/audio guided practices, which includes (2x) 7 self-practices (7 specifically for women, and 7 specifically for men) and 3 couples practices you do together.


Those practices focus on sexual empowerment, as your sexual energy is the key to true deep revolutionary transformation. You will get a life time access to these practices.

Next to 10 weeks of practices, you receive 9 private couples coaching sessions. In those sessions, we will focus on connection, communication, healing, and erotic intimacy and sexuality.

There is no other relationship program in this world that is truly deeply transformative and revolutionary to your relationship.

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Do you wish for a deep intimate connection full of desire and passion with your partner?

Would you love to turn your intimacy into a spiritual practice that you can do together? So that you can evolve into greater consciousness and reach places you thought were impossible?

Are you ready to support your partner, and help each other contact greater and deeper potential within you through your intimate time together? 

Tantric Transformation helps you to learn to supporting each others healing, self-love, self-acceptance, spiritual thriving and help each other awaken to your true nature.

You learn to create a safe container where both of you are co-partners together in being the most realized version of yourself, and that your relationship is part of this and facilitates this evolution.

This program is the cherry-on-top bringing a boost to your erotic intimacy and sex-life, so that your sex-life will become your best and most fun spiritual practice.

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Sensual practices that will not only completely transform the way you as couple have sex and mind-blowing sexual experiences, but it will also train you in foundational skills and understanding what is necessary to have great sex over a lifetime.


You will learn presence and acceptance, hold space for healing, discovery, sexual communication, and playful pleasure.

Soon to be released!


Many women struggle with their confidence, their sexuality, their body image, their feelings and emotions and their desire. You are not alone. I know this from my own personal experience. 

When you feel strong and confident from that deep inner core of your being, you are able to create your own chosen reality, able to say YES! to your goals, dreams, desires and needs.

There are a few different ways you can work with me:


In these coaching sessions we will create clarity and insights into your dreams and desires.


There will be space for deep healing, and we will create a deep lasting transformation so you can unleash your wild sensuous confidence – in a way that is super easy and actually FUN.


So that you can start to enjoy your own body, feel sensuous sensations, experience ecstasy and pleasure, feel fully confident in your own body, and enjoy a vibrant and alive sexuality.


The tools we will use for these sessions vary from normal coach-talking, breath work, positive psychology, energypsychology, to meditation, Tantra and Taoist practices.

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YONI YOGA SEQUENCE (online class):

Yoni Yoga is a sensual self-loving practice developed for women who want to feel deeply connected to their body, sensuality, sexuality, life-force energy and their feminine power essence that is stored in their Yoni (vulva, vagina, cervix, womb, ovaries)

Through strengthening your pelvic and vaginal muscles, connecting to the sensations in your cervix & womb, you can reach your orgasmic potential, awaken your female sexuality and embody your sensual essence.

Your Yoni holds they key to your empowerment, joy and ecstatic pleasure.

Yoni yoga is a sensual empowerment practice where you focus on your own inner world of sensations. 


It's about filling yourself up with love, joy, energy, sensuality, and pleasure so you can experience wholeness from the inside out.

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YONI MAGIC MASTERY PROGRAM - (6 week online Jade Egg training):

You sense there is something more for yourself and you want to experience what you are really capable of.

Diving into the ancient Jade Egg Practice 6 weeks long is a powerful way to very easily release transform, so you can really feel who you are and reach your playful joyous essence that gives you pleasure in life.

Let yourself feel who you really are and allow yourself to express your playful, joyous essence that gives your pleasure in life.

This training consists of 6 lessons, each lesson is one and half hour long. Their will be 3 optional live Q&A session with Marianne, so you can ask all the questions that may arise during your working with the Jade-egg.

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This online course is all about learning how to manifest your dreams and desire through making using of your life force energy.

I will guide you through 5 different practices. 5 powerful guided meditations. For each meditation there is a PDF with questions that you can use for journaling. Journaling will help you get maximum benefit from this course.

It is very important that you learn to let go, and that you learn to create faith. This inner trusting that the Universe will provide for you and bring you abundance. In these 5 guided meditations you will learn just that.

Creating trust!

Embodying deep faith!

It is about expanding your consciousness, and keep expanding vision about your desire, and keep expanding that dream.

So you constantly bring your energetic vibration on a higher level.

Oh MY... that's when Magic is happening.

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