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YoniYoga teaches women to move deep inside their own body. These online classes are designed to (re)connect you to your womb and innate female power and furthermore, to the magic of your yoni.

It is a new and powerful form of female yoga. Marianne is the founder of YoniYoga-Yoni Magic. She has specifically developed and designed this new yoga form in  alignment with the cycle of the female energies in the body. 

Our female sexuality, sensuality and orgasmic potential is our foundation of existence. Your yoni and womb hold the key to your empowerment, to your joy, and ecstatic pleasure!

YoniYoga has 6 classes, 6 different themes

Sensual, Nurturing, Magic, Healing, Primal and Ritual.

Duration of each class is 30 minutes


This yoga form honors the wisdom of ancient sacred female practices, whilst it incorporates modern scientific research. The class offers a safe space for holistic integration. By diving deep into your divine female bodies (your hips, breasts, yoni, womb, cervix and ovaries) through movement, breathing techniques, focus, sounding and touch, you become your own temple of power.

How have other woman before you experienced working with me?

India, Author - USA:

I have learned a lot about my own body, and how my own body is a healing conduit. It is wonderful to work with Marianne as she has a very relaxing voice, and gives practical information that helps to amplify transformation.


After working with Marianne I am able to empower myself and get more in balance. I am now fully in touch with my body and my feminine essence.

Jolijn, Entrepreneur - Netherlands:

I feel I am more in my body, I have improved my energy AND my sex life. Marianne makes you really feel comfortable in your own sensuality and sexuality. I feel centered, grounded, happy, feminine and really in my body without any stress.

Sabrina, Graphic Designer - Austria:

I have become so much more aware of myself after working with Marianne, I feel much lighter. Breathing is more important now and I can handle my feelings better. I feel a deep self-love now.

FAC about YoniYoga

Is YoniYoga the same as working with a Jade Egg?

YoniYoga is so much more then doing yoga with a Jade Egg inserted. The classes are taught without the use of a Jade Egg, to allow women to naturally tap into their feminine power and aliveness. YoniYoga is a form of yoga that Marianne van Katwijk specifically created to guide women to open up to awakening and embodying their wild, primal, authentic female fire. 

What are the techniques, practices and background within YoniYoga?

Marianne has combined parts of different types of breath work techniques, feminine tantric and taoist practices, positive psychology, neuroscience, energy work, ancient feminine moon cycle tradition, mediation, visualization, trauma release work and yoga together into a gentle yet powerful blend of feminine practices.


How many lessons will I need to take to feel a result?

It depends, but most women have reported that after 5 weeks of 1 hour a week they have felt huge positive differences in their sex life, confidence, bodily sensitivity, intuition, moods, and even feeling they could handle their emotions better.  

What kind of changes can I expect if I practice these online classes regularly?

Again, this depends on your focus, determination and will. But most often you can experience a few or more of the following effects:

- calmer breathing pattern

- feeling happier and more YOU

- experiencing deeper self-love

- move out of your head into your body

- deeper awareness of your intuition

- feeling peaceful and vibrant at the same time

- more connection to your feminine energy and organs

- release of stress

- feeling centered, calm and soft

- expansion of pleasure to all areas of your daily life

- better orgasms

- healthier female organs

- feeling stronger

Where can I follow a YoniYoga class?

You can sign up for the online Yoni Yoga Sequence. Once you signed up you will have a life long access, (or as long as the internet exist.

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