Marianne van Katwijk is a highly trained and certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach.  She is one of the top 1% of wholistic and Integrated Sexuality Coaches in the world, and works as a professional coach with individuals, couples and groups. 


She obtained her masters degree in Social Psychology, specializing in Positive Psychology and Solution Based Coaching.  She is a graduate of Layla Martin's Tantric School of Integrated Sexuality and is a certified Reiki Master & Teacher in both the Usui tradition and Tera Mai tradition. Marianne has had extensive training at the International Academy of Consciousness. 


She is a Jade Egg Expert and the founder and developer of Yoni Yoga, a new form of yoga with a focus on unleashing the 

power and energy of the female yoni. Marianne is dedicated to women’s empowerment and leads  workshops and retreats around the world centered on sensual confidence and awakening desire from within. Her work is know to not only transform her clients intimate lives and relationships but reaches into all areas of her clients everyday lives.

Marianne herself had been searching for ways to help her wake up pleasure, desire, confidence and aliveness in her life. She literally has been traveling all over the world for many years to find ways to truly give her a deep lasting and authentic feelings of playfulness, pleasure and confidence in life.


Her soul was longing to experience real confidence in all aspects of her life.  Marianne wanted to feel deeply alive inside her own body and confident in her sexuality.  


"I want to share with all of you women out there that are suffering or searching right now, that I have been feeling the same. I want all of you to know that it is possible to feel deeply alive in your own body, and to experience sensual and sexual confidence. As you are reading this I know you are one of them. I also know that you are not broken, that you are perfectly fine as the woman that you are. All you need is some guidance and some simple yet powerful tools to tap into your own wild ecstatic fire".


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